Shipping meets space as DLR and GL expand their strategic cooperation agreement

Köln, 25.01.2013

“The maritime industry has begun to take a hard look at the ways in which it operates, especially in the area of energy efficiency and the use of new fuels”, explained Dr Pierre C. Sames, Head of GL’s Department of Research and Rule Development. “With optimization of ship hydrodynamic performance becoming rapidly standard, we now see the optimisation of ship structures as an additional target, with a view to applying modern non-steel materials, and this is certainly a field where bringing together creative minds from both our industries can result in the emergence of new and innovative ideas.”

“Securing a future in which transport systems operate in as safe and as environmentally friendly manner as possible is very much at the heart of our mission at DLR,” said Dr Dietmar Heyland,, Deputy Head of DLR Technology Marketing, “and likewise these values are part of the core goals of GL. Working together with industry partners who share the same spirit, but bring a skill set and expertise complementary to DLR’s own experience, is the key to strengthening co-operation between industry and research, validating the value of DLR’s research for industry and society and triggering further creativity in research and development.”

Dr. Dietmar Heyland
Tel.: +49 2203 601 - 2769

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