Technology Marketing

Das Technologiemarketing ist als einer der wichtigen Kernprozesse im DLR nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert. Als Nahtstelle zwischen Forschung und Industrie, zwischen Idee, Innovation und Markt, steht der Kundennutzen im Mittelpunkt Das von allen Mitarbeitern gelebte Qualit├Ątsmanagement ist eine gute Basis f├╝r eine vertrauensvolle und langfristige Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Kunden.

We are partners of industry - for a successful future.

More than ever before, it is important for companies today to build up a competitive advantage by offering innovative products and services. Cooperating with powerful partners from science and research is very helpful in this context.

With our key areas of research based on the technology needs of the market, the DLR invests in advanced technologies. Thus we force not only the research: we reduce so the development risks for new systems and techniques and offer our research and development capacities to enterprises for their needs. Partners may also use our research and development capacities for their own purposes.

We are bridging the gap- between research and future products.

We accompany your innovation projects starting with an idea trough the product development up to the introduction in market. Here is how you can benefit from our knowhow:

  • Use our expert knowledge in various technologies to advance your projects.
  • Make use of our rich performance and our wide range of services to be successful.
  • Address our contacts at all DLR facilities for any questions you may have.
  • Secure your share of progress by using the DLR's industrial property rights .
  • Convince yourselves from the references of successful co-operation.

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