It is the policy of the DLR to patent all its inventions – even abroad, provided their commercialisation potential is good enough. We regularly update all such inventions with a certain potential to suit our customers' requirements, offering them for use under licences issued on generally-accepted market terms.

Using DLR patents enables a company to:

  • increase its productivity,
  • strengthen its position on the market,
  • open up new markets,
  • maintain a lead over its competitors, and
  • enhance its sales.

In addition to issuing licences pure and simple, our technology-transfer process includes the development of cooperation and service contracts to regulate compensations for any additional services that may be required.

As a public research institution, we have to conform to certain rules which regulate the content and the financial conditions of such contracts. We are allowed to assume a certain share of the technological risk involved in realising innovations by, for instance, providing advance funds to finance internal services. However, we must be certain that any such investment can be refinanced from the revenues which the innovation is expected to yield on the market. In this regard, we place our trust in the market success of our joint product.

Our contacts will be happy to explain to you any options we have with regard to formulating the product- or technology-specific requirements of your innovation project.

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