Technology Consultation

We review your enquiry to see whether we can contribute towards solving your problem. In the shortest possible time, we identify those of our in-house technologies that could be of relevance to you, after which our project-planning experts will be at your disposal.

We can offer you an assessment process specifically designed to assist you in your decision about whether or not to use a particular technology. This proven evaluation system enables you to judge the potential usefulness of research results at an early stage in your development process. Such sound technology assessments provide you with a safe foundation for your decision.

Our contacts in each department help you to prepare your cooperation with the DLR in diverse fields of technology. Based on our technology portfolio, we aim to equip you as best we can for the development of your new products, thus contributing towards enhancing your competitiveness.

Dr. Dietmar Heyland
German Aerospace Center

DLR Technology Marketing

Tel: +49 2203 601-2769

Fax: +49 2203 695689

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