Idea Evaluation Using InnoGuide®

InnoGuide® is a modular software for evaluating innovations. It serves to examine product concepts for their technical feasibility, their potential success on the market, and their profitability. InnoGuide® swiftly and reliably provides information to managers for deciding about investments and controlling new projects.

Developed by the DLR in cooperation with international partners, this evaluation software is highly versatile: Research institutions, public and private investors, small companies, and large enterprises may use this evaluation tool to analyse products, services, and even entire business plans.

Numerous reputable enterprises, such as Bayer AG, Siemens, and Schott Glas, are already using this software tool successfully in their innovation processes. The DLR InnoGuide® Centre evaluates innovation projects and supports them through training courses and workshops in the course of their development.

The InnoGuide® System in Brief

  • structures your innovation process,
  • determines the potential success of your innovation projects,
  • clearly identifies risks and possible checks, and
  • produces results and decisions quickly and efficiently.

For more detailed information, visit us at or talk to one of our InnoGuide® contacts at the DLR.

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