Institute of Technical Physics

Head of the Institute: PD Dr. Adolf Giesen

The Institute of Technical Physics is engaged in selected fields of optics and photonics. The work is primarily focused on aerospace issues and contributions to research in security and defence.
The Institute is divided into four departments – "Solid State Lasers and Nonlinear Optics", "Active Optical Systems", "Atmospheric Propagation and Effect" and "Studies and Concepts".
Based on the established expertise in the research fields of laser development and optical technologies and the many years of experience with activities and projects in the area of defence related research and technology, new research areas are addressed with regard to the demands of civil (security) research.
The Institute has identified new key topics which cover issues from both civilian and defence related research areas and thereby offer a priori a high dual use potential. The bundling of the different expertise of the institute’s departments in the key topic investigations also enables a high degree of synergy.

PD Dr. Adolf Giesen
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Technical Physics

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