MED-CSP - Summary

Executive Summary

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Summary in Arabic


If you have problems reading the pdf-Acrobat file in Arabic, please copy the two Arabic-Font-Files (*.ttf) to your Acrobat-Reader Font-Collection-Folder (e.g. c:\Programs\Adobe\Acrobat\Resource\Font).

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Summary in Japanese

The executive summary of the MED-CSP study was gratefully translated to Japanese and published in the NEDO Kaigai Report, No960 and No961 by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (Omiya-cho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa, 212-8554 Japan).

The following pdf-documents are an extraction from the NEDO Kaigai Report No960 (part1) and Report No961 (part2):

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MED_CSP_report_NEDO_960_extracted_pages_japanese_1_of_2.pdf 948 kB
MED_CSP_report_NEDO_961_extracted_pages_japanese_2_of_2.pdf 1 MB


Zusammenfassung in Deutsch

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Deutsche_Zusammenfassung_MED-CSP_03.doc 3 MB 
Deutsche_Zusammenfassung_MED-CSP_03.doc 813 kB

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