Electrochemical Energy Technology

Head of Department: Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Andreas K. Friedrich

Assistant: Monika Baumann

The section Electrochemical Energy Technology, a team of about 60 persons, develops efficient electrochemical storage and conversion devices, namely electrolysers, fuel cells, and advanced batteries. These technologies are becoming more important in future energy systems due to the transformation of the energy sector in Germany. Our activities range from materials development, cell design, stack development, manufacturing and advanced diagnostics up to system optimization. For specific innovative applications we develop demonstrators and prototypes. Scientific and technical challenges for electrochemical energy technology include finding solutions to conflicting goals of efficiency, durability, safety, reliability and cost reduction.



Specific research and development topics are:


Development of polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEMFC) and electrolysers (PEMEL)

Development of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) and electrolysers (SOEC)


Advanced lithium batteries, especially lithium/air & lithium/sulfur batteries


Mitigation of cell degradation of fuel cells, electrolysers and batteries; identification of their degradation mechanisms


Advanced cell concepts for higher power density, longer durability, reduced materials cost and superior robustness of cell


In-situ and ex-situ investigation of cells with innovative diagnostics, e.g. locally resolved methods

Multi-scale modeling in cooperation with the section Computational Electrochemistry


Optimal system design for electrochemical energy technology

Highly integrated systems for innovative applications in aerospace and electromobility





Prof. Dr. rer.nat. K. Andreas Friedrich
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics
, Electrochemical Energy Technology
Tel: +49 711 6862-278

Fax: +49 711 6862-1278

E-Mail: Andreas.Friedrich@dlr.de
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