Opportunities and constraints for load balancing by energy storage, shiftable loads and electricity-driven Combined Heat and Power (CHP) in energy systems with high renewable energy shares

Funding Organisation: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)

Cooperation: Fraunhofer Institutes UMSICHT and AST/IITB

Contact: Yvonne Scholz, Hans-Christian Gils

Project duration: Jan 2011 - Jun 2013


Energy storage, extended electricity network structures, shiftable loads and electricity-driven CHP can facilitate the integration of more renewable energies into the European energy system. The scope of this research project is to provide an assessment of the cost-effectiveness of different configurations of these technologies. Based on an analysis of the relevant technical and economic parameters, the energy system model REMix is enhanced by the consideration of shiftable loads and CHP units with thermal storages, as well as a more sophisticated representation of energy storage technologies. With the improved model, simulation runs are carried out for different European renewable energy development goals. The results enable a quantification of the potential application of energy storage, load management and CHP, and its dependency on the share of intermittent electricity resources. The research project is addressed in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer institutes UMSICHT and IITB and includes a participation in Annex 26 of the IEA Implementing Agreement Energy Conservation through Energy Storage.

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