QatDLR - Innovative energy supply for the Arabian Peninsula

Funding Organisation: Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi)

Co-operation: DLR-Institute of Solar Research, Solar Institute JülichUniversity of Applied Science Aachen

Project Duration: August 2012 until January 2014

Contact: Tobias Fichter


The project QatDLR will define in detail the possibilities and conditions of an innovative power supply for the Arabian Peninsula. It already will perform first analyses on the social, energetic and socio-economic conditions to support specific projects or project developments of the German solar thermal industry in Qatar.

The project will support the far right conservative innovative approaches to energy and water supply in the Arabian Peninsula through the provision of key information and will reinforce the ongoing, still tentative departure towards sustainable structures. Having hardly perceived - big potentials of renewable energy in the region will be shown in detail and quantified, on the other hand, the alliance opportunities will be presented on the interaction of renewable and conventional, fossil fuels, and the integration options in the existing structures and markets will be shown and the necessary changes to the given structural conditions will be described.

Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

  • Development of specific conditions in Qatar and the Arabian Peninsula to build a (largely) renewable energy infrastructure
  • Analysis and evaluation of concepts for hybrid solar process heat utilization
  • Analysis and evaluation of concepts for high-efficiency hybrid solar tower systems
  • Development of concepts to increase energy efficiency in buildings and process sector

The proposed project is in connection with the proposed construction of a long-term cooperation with the government of Qatar, with the aim of to develop a joint research and development institution in Qatar.

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