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New doctoral scholarship at DLR-STB in the frame of the Helmholtz International Research School “Energy Scenarios – Construction, Assessment, Impact”

The International Research School in Energy Scenarios is a common institution of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) together with partners from the University of Stuttgart, ISI Fraunhofer Institute and German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The research school provides an internationally unique opportunity to become an outstanding researcher in energy scenario analysis. It provides high quality training for doctoral researchers in a structured, three year's program. Our researchers will gain comprehensive knowledge of the construction techniques of scenarios, the system boundaries in the energy sector, as well as be able to make in‐depth valuations of energy scenario assessments, and their impacts on decision‐makers, politicians, population etc.

In this framework a successful candidate is expected to work at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in Stuttgart in the research project “Perspectives of electricity storages with respect to the integration of high shares of renewable energies into the German supply system”. In order to economically integrate the increasing power generation from fluctuating renewable sources into the energy supply system, the economic and technical implications of different load balancing options have to be examined. In addition to demand side and generation management and potentials of the European power transmission system, electric power storage technologies are promising options as well. Main task of the proposed work will be to demonstrate the economic perspectives of these technologies in the German energy supply system of the future. The optimisation model REMix of DLR-STB will be the main instrument used for this work. It has to be further developed for a better representation of power storage options and their operation and will then be applied for dynamic simulations of the power supply system. The quantification and analysis of economic impacts of an expansion of storage options has to be done by performing simulations under varying assumptions regarding: expansion of transfer capacities and long-range transport of electricity in the European grid, mix of electricity generation and generating capacities, electricity demand, spatial distribution of generation facilities and various load balancing options within Germany. Based on the simulation results, the prospects of storage expansion should be explored also from a business point of view.

Deadline for application: December 16, 2011

Start of scholarship: April, 2012

For more information please contact the supervisors: Dr. Thomas Pregger or Yvonne Scholz

More information about the HGF frame and the electronic application can be found here.

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