Clearing House for Transport Data

In traffic research, planning, and policy-making, there is a tremendous need for detailed information about traffic incidents and mobility behaviour. Consequently, there is an equally large and diverse range of statistics, empirical studies, and mobility research. Many relevant sources of data are known to only a small group of well-informed users or the usefulness of such data is limited by a lack of methodical supplementary information.

The "Traffic Clearinghouse" at the DLR Institute of Transport Research serves as a centralized point of contact that closes this gap.

The clearinghouse is oriented towards scientists and institutions that collect their own data as well as those who wish to take advantage of these research results. These include not just scientific institutions, but traffic planners and policymakers as well.

Dipl.-Mathematiker (FH) René Kelpin
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Transport Research
, Passenger Transport
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