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MOLECULES – Mobility Based on Electric Connected Vehicles in Urban and Interurban Smart, Clean Environments

MOLECULES is a demonstration object for electromobility including three large-scale pilot sites in Barcelona, Paris and Berlin. Supported by ITS (Intelligent Transportation Services), a so-called Smart Connected Electromobility (SCE) should be integrated into available transport and mobility applications. In this context, mobility services for a better integration of both existing and new electrical vehicle fleets into daily operations, are developed, demonstrated and evaluated in relation to their functionality and effectiveness.


Smart Connected Electromobility
Quelle: FP7 Green cars and leadership opportunities Spain


As work package leader of MOLECULES, DLR Institute of Transport Research (IVF) is responsible for the definition of methods and indicators for the assessment of traffic related and environmental impacts (WP5) as well as for the evaluation of developed and implemented services and applications (WP7). Furthermore, IVF coordinates the activities of the Berlin pilot site in close cooperation with their partners (Senate Administration for Urban Development, VMZ Berlin and Greenwheels).


MOLECULES objectives are:

  • to improve electromobility applications in everyday use by creating a widespread everyday experience and acceptance among users
  • to include and to link existing and new providers and users of electromobility services in compliance with the whole spectrum of available electronic vehicles (cars, electronic bikes, pedelecs, segways)
  • to create stronger and barrier-free links between electromobility and existing transport vehicles as well as further mobility options
  • to use existing commercial system architectures and application platforms for the booking of transport vehicles
  • to use standards (DATEX, TPEG) and to adapt and develop proprietary standards for electromobility
  • to improve the CO2 balance in traffic and to reduce the occupancy costs for electromobility


Apart from the development, implementation and demonstration of MOLECULES applications, the project defines methods, criteria and indicators for evaluating the traffic-related impact of applied electromobility services . After a demonstration phase, the project continues with the evaluation of services and applications supporting electromobility on one hand, and with the evaluation of traffic-relevant, ecological, economic and social impacts of those services on the other. Basically, this concerns the integration of electric vehicles (cars, electronic bikes, pedelecs, segways) into the traffic system and their combination with conventional cars and alternative modes of transport as well as the improvement of everyday suitability of electromobility by using ITS.

Contracting entity

  • EU (7th Framework Programme, ICT)


  • Berlin VMZ Betreibergesellschaft mbH (D)
  • BCNCITY Barcelona Municipality (ES)
  • BDIGITAL Barcelona Digital Technology Centre (ES)
  • Senate Administration for Urban Development of Berlin (D)
  • DLR - Institute of Transport Research (D)
  • ETRA I+D (ES)
  • GoingGreen (ES)
  • Greenwheels GmbH (D)
  • MOPeasy (F)
  • POLIS (EU)

Project duration

January 2012 – December 2014

Dipl.-Mathematiker (FH) René Kelpin
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Transport Research
, Passenger Transport
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