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SELECT - Electric Mobility in Commercial Transport

Commercial transport not only represents a significant share of urban transport but is at the same time responsible for a substantial amount of air pollution and noise. Commercial transport is not simply the transport of goods but also comprises trips of service providers such as electricians, plumbers or social services. These urban commercial trips are usually short and the daily mileage rarely exceeds 100 km. Also these trips are usually planned in advance. Given short distances and early planning, urban commercial transport makes for an excellent use case for battery electric vehicles.


The project “Suitable electromobility for commercial transport“ (SELECT) investigates how electric vehicles could contribute to an environmentally sustainable alternative to current patterns of urban commercial transport. Coordinated by the Berlin Institute of Transport Research of the German Aerospace Centre DLR, SELECT is supported by the European Union as well as national funding authorities in Austria, Denmark and Germany and brings together partners from business and science.


The project’s central objective is to understand the technical and practical user requirements for using electric vehicles in commercial transport and to develop a set of methods for the fleet management of electric and mixed fleets. SELECT investigates the economic, infrastructural and political conditions needed for a seamless transition from conventional to electric vehicles.


SELECT is based on the results of projects such as “Modellregion Elektromobilität” Berlin, the Austrian VLOTTE and others. These provide an important input for SELECT surveys which will identify the possibilities for using electric vehicles as well as sector and fleet specific requirements. Based on these analyses SELECT will develop methods for planning tools tailored to the specific needs of commercial transport and fleet operators when introducing electric vehicles. Throughout the project the team will engage in a continuous discussion with (potential) users of commercial electric vehicles as well as decision makers in politics and urban planning.

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August 2012 - June 2015

Dr. rer. pol. Jens Klauenberg
German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Institute of Transport Research
, Commercial Transport
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