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Scientific support for the development of a mobility and fuel strategy of the German government.

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What are options to enable future mobility in Germany? In many cases, the problem is to firstly establish a new infrastructure for alternative fuels and propulsion before users are able to adopt them. What are the policy makers’ options to develop solutions to this problem?


The core efforts of the project are to advise the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in establishing a dialog with several stakeholders of industry and interested parties. The partner research organisations provide contributions in the form of presentations and short studies about different aspects of fuels and mobility.

The DLR Institute of Transport Research is the project coordinator and works closely with the other research partners and the responsible ministry department. Together, they prepare documents describing several scenarios and technological pathways and publish them on the ministry’s website. Our institute is responsible for investigating questions of the development of transport demand as well as the use of new diffusion technologies in the transport sector by user groups.


  • Preparation of overviews of the current state of technological developments in alternative-fuel vehicles and infrastructure, as well as the present framework conditions for their use
  • Providing an overview of fuel options in relation to the various transport modes
  • Carrying out short studies elaborating the argumentation of various individual aspects of a mobility and fuel strategy of the German government


The project partners provide contributions corresponding to their experience and scientific expertise on the respective research topics. The leadership for the various questions and topics was allocated to the scientific partner with the highest expertise, with other partners providing support. Finally all inputs were integrated into recommendations for next actions.

The Institute of Transport Research establishes the dialog between the scientific partners and coordinates the cooperation. Our institute provides input on the development of transport demand in relation to vehicle use and the diffusion of alternative technologies. This involves the development and evaluation of scenarios as well as general questions of future mobility demand.

Project phases

First, the main focus was on providing contributions to a policy document "Kabinettsvorlage" that was approved by the German government in June 2013. This document contained a status quo analysis and the essential framework conditions for alternative energy use in the transport sector. It also featured proposals derived from the analysis, and a recommended course of action for government.

The second phase of the project gives emphasis to special questions, providing a policy-oriented overview for argumentation at policy level.


Contributions were provided for the document ‘The Mobility and Fuels Strategy of the German Government’, published in June 2013. Further, the project partners supported the dialogue documents with workshops involving stakeholders and other interested parties. Different fuel options, the development of transport demand and alternative propulsion aspects were explored and summarized in the following short studies:

  • Analyses of existing scenarios of the development of transport and traffic in Germany and the expected environmental impact
  • CNG and LPG – Potential of these fuels on the way to a sustainable energy supply in the road transport sector
  • Potential of biomass and competition
  • LNG as an alternative fuel for the operation of ships and heavy-duty vehicles
  • Power-to-Gas (PtG) in Transport
  • Status quo and perspectives for development
  • Renewable energies in the transport sector
  • Potential and prospects of various renewable energies and expected transport sector energy consumption

Further information and downloads of the output documents are available at: BMVI - mobility and fuel strategy of the German government

Contracting entity

  • Federal Ministry Of Transport And Digital Infrastructure


  • DLR - Institute of Transport Research
  • Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU)
  • Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH (LBST)
  • German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ)

Project duration

04/2012 to 12/2014

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