High-pressure Combustor Rig Stuttgart (HBK-S)

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The high-pressure combustor rig Stuttgart (HBK-S) is characterised by an excellent optical access for laser diagnostics. Sophisticated optical diagnostics together will classical measuring techniques allow the development of burner and combustion systems for gas turbines (stationary and aero engines).


  • Investigations of scaled (generic) burners and combustors at gas turbine relevant conditions
  • Excellent optical access for laser diagnostics
  • Numerous classical measuring techniques
  • Broad fuel spectrum (gaseous, liquid) available

Air supply:

  • Pressure: max. 40 bar
  • Flow rate: max.1.3 kg/s
  • Preheating temperature: max. 1000 K

Fuel supply:

  • Natural gas
  • “Off-spec“ natural gas (blends of natural gas, propane, butane)
  • Syngas (blends of H2, CO, N2)
  • Hydrogen
  • Kerosene 
  • Thermal power: max. 2 MW

Measuring techniques:

  • Optical (in cooperation with the department of Combustion Diagnostics)
    • Raman
    • PIV
    • CARS
    • LIF
    • LII
    • High-speed Imaging 
  • Classical
    • Exhaust gas analysis (NOx, CO, UHC, O2, CO2)
    • Soot particle measurements
    • Gas-phase chromatograph (natural gas composition)
    • Pressure pulsation measurements (10 kHz)
    • Other measuring techniques for pressure, temperature, flow rate etc.

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