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 HBK-S at work
zum Bild HBK-S at work

Combustor testing at relevant operation conditions (pressure, temperature, flow field) is still an important step in gas turbine combustor development. Investigations of generic combustors play a significant role in bridging combustor lab-scale and full-scale testing at a technical level performed in industry. The high-pressure combustor rig Stuttgart (HBK-S) provides excellent optical access for laser diagnostics allowing a detailed investigation of combustion phenomena at gas turbine relevant operating conditions resulting in extraordinary validation data sets.

The “High-pressure Experiments” group is operating the high-pressure combustor test rig Stuttgart (HBK-S) in which e. g. flame stability, emissions, as well as transient combustion phenomena are investigated. The research of the group is focused on investigating fuel flexible gas turbine combustors (Reheat).

For additional information please see the links Reheat, HBK-S.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Griebel
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Combustion Technology

Tel: +49 711 6862 381

Fax: +49 711 6862-578

E-Mail: Peter.Griebel@dlr.de
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