FLOX® Burners for Gas Turbines

Coordinator: Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Lammel

For gas turbines, the FLOX® combustion concept presents a promising alternative to the widely used swirl burner. In FLOX® burners, fuel, air and burned gases are intensely mixed in the combustion chamber before the onset of flame reactions. This leads to a quite homogenous temperature distribution and reduced peak temperatures, thus avoiding significant NO formation. FLOX® burners were originally developed for industrial furnaces, and for more than 10 years this combustion concept has been further developed for gas turbines in our institute in cooperation with partners from industry. In addition to low pollutant emissions, these burners exhibit excellent stability and wide fuel flexibility.

To better understand the complex flow and combustion processes and to optimize the design of FLOX® combustors, we apply numerical simulation techniques in combination with experiments in high-pressure test rigs. Through the use of combustion chambers with large optical access, modern laser measuring techniques can be applied in order to analyze, for instance, the interaction between the flow field and the chemical reactions.

The developed FLOX® burners can be operated with a variety of gaseous fuels, have low susceptibility to combustion instability and exhibit very low nitric oxide emission even at high power densities.

 FLOX<sup>®</sup> burner for gas turbines operated in the high-pressure test rig HBK-S of the institute
zum Bild FLOX® burner for gas turbines operated in the high-pressure test rig HBK-S of the institute


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