Metallic Structures and Hybrid Material Systems


Material-mechanical investigations regarding the structural safety of aircrafts and spacecrafts, the connections between the performance characteristics of materials and their microstructure and the friction stir welding are the basic fields of activity of the section. The mechanics of materials work concentrates on fatigue crack growth and fracture behaviour of lightweight metallic construction materials and high temperature materials and the failure behaviour of thermal barrier coatings. Friction stir welding is optimized with regard to aviation materials and applications. The connections between the welding parameters and the strength and corrosion characteristics of the materials are investigated. The goal is the production of damage-tolerant welded structures for fatigue-critical regions in aircraft structures.

Research topics

The mechanics of materials work concentrates on crack growth under uniaxial and biaxial loading. Among other topics investigated are the influences of variable amplitude loading and of temperature and environments on the crack growth behaviour of metallic materials. Computation methods for the failure analysis of integral structures are being developed.
In the area of thermal barrier coatings at present the experimental investigation of the behaviour of coated parts under operating conditions and the service life prediction for such parts are the main topics.

Friction stir welding is optimized regarding light weight aircraft materials and structures. The relation between the welding parameters, the resulting welding seam microstructures, and the strength and corrosion characteristics are investigated. In addition non-destructive inspection methods are developed for friction stir-welded welding seams.


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Metallic Structures and Hybrid Material Systems
, Metallic Structures and Hybrid Material Systems
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