Tech­ni­cal In­fras­truc­ture

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Technical Infrastructure
Rutherfordstraße 2
12489 Berlin

ResponsibilityContact person
Technical Infrastructure Administration Jörg Jaspers
Property Management AdministrationTino Hörnich
Staff Department AdministrationChristin Franz
Construction Management AdministrationHelmut Heuser
(Prov.) Engineering Systems House AdministrationAndreas Bohle
Head of the staff department DLR SafetyGuido Schmidt

DLR's Technical Infrastructure

As an internal service provider, Technical Infrastructure supports the German Aerospace Center with services for facility management, work safety, environmental protection and the development and implementation of technical systems.

The basis for these actions is our vision:

"We are in demand as a cooperative service provider and consultant at DLR, and make a significant contribution to DLR’s success."

Technical infrastructure uses real estate, financial, and technical resources to create the general conditions for efficient and productive research activities, and is available as a competent contact for all technical questions. Technical Infrastructure at DLR has a certified management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 that is oriented towards constant improvement of its services. The occupational health and safety management aspects of OHSAS 18001 are also taken into consideration.

Technical Infrastructure fosters lively exchange in expert networks, undergoes regular evaluations, and complies with the excellence criteria of the EFQM model to continue developing and to maintain momentum for long-term supervision.

Technical Infrastructure consists of the Engineering Systems House, Construction Management and Property Management, as well as Staff Department organisational units.

The Engineering Systems House is available to all of the DLR’s institutes and facilities for all technical questions about scientific testing equipment, from consultation through development and production to installation in the experimental facility. The Engineering Systems House has access to highly qualified engineering expertise, capable, ultra-modern development and production facilities, as well as test procedures for the development and implementation of technical systems.

Facility Management at DLR encompasses all of the services provided by Construction Management and Property Management. Here, the focus is on the life cycle oriented assessment of all activities from requirements analysis, through implementation, use and recycling of properties at DLR.

The Staff Department supports the planning and supervision of economic development, strategic orientation, and further development of the processes and the organisation.

DLR Safety is the central organisational unit which offers the support necessary to fulfil corporate responsibilities pertaining to safety and environmental protection, and to ensure the unimpeded course of operations at all sites. As a staff department, it is assigned directly to the Safety and Environmental Protection appointee of the Executive Board. In this function it advises the Executive Board as well as all management staff and other employees of the German Aerospace Center. In addition to the duties of the work safety specialists, DLR Safety is also responsible for the duties of the appointee for fire safety and environmental protection (in terms of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (KrWG), Federal Water Act (WHG), and Federal Pollution Control Act (BImSchG). Moreover, DLR Safety advises the company as an employer with respect to occupational safety.

As an employer, the Executive Board bears fundamental responsibility for all activities performed at DLR. In order to meet this responsibility, the Executive Board has delegated its competences for the implementation of safety and environmental protection initiatives to its Safety and Environmental Protection Officer (SEO). The SEO's task is therefore to make and implement safety and environmental protection-related decisions. The SEO has the appropriate authority to fulfil these tasks. The SEO is authorised to issue instructions to all DLR employees in matters of safety and environmental protection and is solely responsible for implementing safety-related decisions. They therefore report exclusively and their actions are also solely justifiable to the Executive Board.

The SEO is also responsible for DLR's authorised officer system. They are the immediate superior of the DLR Safety Officer, who provides DLR's occupational safety experts and supervises the specialist Environmental, Fire and Operational Safety departments, along with the appropriate officers.

In accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001, DLR's Energy Management Officer (EMO) represents the Deputy Chair and is also DLR's highest Energy Manager. The EMO's overriding task is to introduce, implement, maintain and continually improve the Energy Management System (EMS). To help with this, the EMO has put together a DLR energy team and manages this as part of the EMS; the EMO continuously reports to the entire Executive Board on the organisation's energy-related performance and that of DLR's energy management. They ensure that planned activities support DLR's management policy and define responsibilities and powers to promote efficient energy management. In addition, the EMO determines the necessary criteria and methods to ensure the effective operation and monitoring of energy management.

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