Space | 10. June 2010

The 'square' has to fit into the round!

Yesterday was all about fitting the 'square' (the TanDEM-X satellite) into the round (the upper stage of the launcher). With these cross sections, TanDEM-X proves that the old German football saying about the round having to go into the square is not invariably true. Well, at least in space...

The whole team is ecstatic because, put briefly and informally, TanDEM-X is inside and the lid is on. For those who want to know more, follow the highlights of the day, captured in pictures.


TanDEM-X schwebt Richtung Space-Head-Module 
 TanDEM-X wird in das untere Segment des Space-Head-Modules eingefahren
 Das obere Segment mitsamt dem so genannten Gas-Dynamic-Shield wird über TanDEM-X gestülpt.
 TanDEM-X: Alles fügt sich perfekt zusammen.
 TanDEM-X ist jetzt elektronisch nur noch über die

Images, from top to bottom:

Image 1: The TanDEM-X satellite is lifted towards the launcher's upper stage ...

Image 2: ... and lowered into the bottom section.

Image 3: The upper section is lowered over the satellite along with the 'gas-dynamic shield'.

Image 4: Everything fits together perfectly.

Image 5: TanDEM-X is now electrically connected with the Dnepr rocket only via its ‘umbilical’ – the left-hand cable. When this connection is pulled apart as TanDEM-X separates from the launcher, the onboard computer will start and the satellite will come to life.