Space | 03. November 2010 | posted by Marco Trovatello

Hanging on and being rewarded at the NASA press site

Space journalists need to have stamina - in particular when reporting on a shuttle launch. Often, scrub follows scrub follows scrub - which is just normal with regard to the complex matter of space flight. On these images, you see the journalists waiting for a news conference following a meeting of the Shuttle Mission Management Team (MMT) – but the news conference will of course only start after the hours-long meeting has finished.

The meeting discussed an issue with a main engine controller on space shuttle Discovery and a decision was taken whether Discovery will be „go“ for tomorrow’s launch or not. And the result is: Go, if weather permits. But of course this was not the only thing worth waiting for. Thilo and me , along with all those other journalists have been rewarded with a night viewing of the rollback of Space shuttle Discovery's Rotating Service Structure. More on that in the next blogpost.

Image above: Journalists waiting for a news conference at the NASA press site. Image credit: DLR/M.Trovatello, CC-BY

Below: Flags of NASA's international partners at the ceiling of the press site. Can you spot the german and ESA flags? Image credit: DLR/M. Trovatello, CC-BY.



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