Other | 17. February 2012

Aerospace podcasts

Alongside numerous blogs and Wikipedia articles on aerospace, the Internet has more information to offer on this subject. There are, for example, podcasts – in addition to those available at Raumzeit (Space-time), jointly produced by DLR and ESA, I would now like to draw your attention to the podcast site omega tau . Podcasts are an interesting channel for science communicators to disseminate information about science and technology.


Although the 'end of radio' has been forecast many times, it continues to thrive. Even if the means of transmission are changing – for example, from 'over the air' to network-based distribution – communication through speech remains the most natural form of information transfer between people. So, the Internet offers new opportunities for the use of radio, which many people are increasingly embedding in their media habits. You can, for example, listen to classic radio shows that have been shifted in both time and location – that is, after the actual broadcast time and while jogging, commuting, or doing housework.

Podcasts go even further in this regard. Many of these are accessed on the Internet and audio transmissions can be subscribed to with no set broadcast date. Most listeners use software to automatically copy the items they have requested to their portable player so they can listen to them 'on the move'. The issues discussed and the methods of implementation are many. In various podcast directories like iTunes and podcast.com, you can obtain an overview of what is available.

omega tau follows aerospace

The podcast site omega tau will impress many followers of aviation and space-related matters; here, one can learn a lot about aeronautics and astronautics. In the recently published episode 88 on Jet Engines (in German), DLR researcher Martin Plohr was interviewed. More interesting editions (in English): Episode 21 about Space Mission Control at ESA's Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Episode 26 - Satellite Buses, Episode 34 – Space Medicine and Telemedicine, Episode 43 – Flying the Space Shuttle, Episode 63 – The Cassini Mission to Saturn, Episode 76 – The European Transonic Wind Tunnel, and Episode 83 – How Apollo Flew to the Moon.

omega tau also offers a number of DLR-related podcasts in German: Episode 48 with Stefan Seydel (DLR Braunschweig) talking about DLR's research aircraft, Episode 80 with German Zöschinger (DLR Oberpfaffenhofen) on the Columbus Control Centre, Episode 82 with Klaus Schäfer (DLR Lampoldshausen) on rocket engines and Episode 84 with Denis Regenbrecht (DLR Bonn) about the Ariane 5 launcher.