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… And that's a wrap!

Last week was amazing – the largest ever International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) was held in Munich. With over 2700 participants from 68 countries, and over 2500 scientific presentations, it was an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and the exploration and discussion of topics related to 'Remote Sensing for a Dynamic Earth'. Some of the highlights of the symposium included ESA's Envisat and upcoming Sentinel missions, the future of Earth observation, and last but not least, DLR's TanDEM-X and TerraSAR-X satellites.

We were able to speak to some very influential people in these areas, and who were kind enough to spare some minutes to speak with us; these include Johann-Dietrich Wörner, Alberto Moreira, Yves-Louis Desnos, Stefan Dech, Marwan Younis, Manfred Zink, Richard Bamler, Gerhard Ehret, Pau Prats, Gerhard Krieger and Francisco Lopez-Dekker. To all of them, our heartfelt thanks for sharing their perspectives on the symposium, the topics covered and for giving us an insight to their work – it has been a pleasure to learn more from you!

The DLR/ESA stand was quite impressive and popular among the many visitors. Here, those interested were able to speak to DLR and ESA staff about their research activities, but also to catch a glimpse (an amazing one) of what satellites see as they orbit the Earth.

What looked like a hologram inside the stand was actually a relief model in which real images were projected, and which explained the different missions and relevance of the data obtained. In this case, the area featured was the Alps. For those of you who missed it and those who would like to remember, check out our Flickr stream. Thanks to Nils Sparwasser and his team for creating this amazing display!

Also to be noted is the hard work of the staff members at the DLR School_Lab stand, who were able to take remote sensing into the 'classroom', in this case, the International Congress Center Munich.

Our interviewees had many expectations for this symposium, and we hope they were met. We don’t know when the next IGARSS will take place in Germany, but next year’s symposium will take place in Melbourne, Australia! Let’s hope it’s as great, or even better than this one! Not an easy task!


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