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Martin Fleischmann

Martin Fleischmann is a science enthusiast and keen editor. Even in his childhood sandpit he was looking for oil and his favourite question in infancy was "why?" Today he is a print editor in the Communication Department at DLR in Bonn. From the ninth grade, he followed his mother’s suggestion: "You are always asking questions and writing things down. Why not become a journalist?" After a first experience as a freelance journalist for the local Offenbach Post and the Frankfurter Rundschau during his schooling came the choice of what to study next. Thanks to a not so good – OK, pretty lousy – high school diploma, it was not medicine but German literature, psychology and politics. Annoying but whatever. During his studies, the opportunity arose to work part-time during the holidays as an online editor at T-Online.

Right after graduation, he moved to Cologne for an internship and for his first editorial job in a small medical publishing house - actually the ideal combination of the two passions: science and journalism. But who can say no when a job as a print editor at the German equivalent of NASA becomes available? No one, because the work is too exciting and thus the temptation too great to reject this dream job - a job where you learn something new every day and so your curiosity is never satisfied.

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Space | 15. November 2013

Teams haben keinen Preis, aber viel Erfahrung gewonnen

Am 11. und 12. November 2013 schickten zehn Teams von deutschen Universitäten und Hochschulen aber auch aus der Industrie ihre Weltraum-Roboter in der Supercrosshalle in Rheinbreitbach bei Bonn in ein bislang einzigartiges, spannendes Weltraum-Rennen - allerdings ohne Sieger. Da kein Team alle geforderten Ziele erreichte und die Leistung der robotischen Systeme zu unterschiedlich war, entschied sich die fünfköpfige Jury dafür, keine Platzierung für den DLR SpaceBot Cup auszuloben. read more