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Philipp Burtscheidt

Philipp Burtscheidt has been working DLR´s corporate communications department since April 2015. During that time he has been working as online and media relations editor as well as portal manager for DLR.de and DLR´s blog. Prior to his work at DLR, he spent twelve years working internationally as a sound engineer and cameraman for various formats in the German television landscape. He puts all his passion and experience from that time into DLR´s multi- and crossmedia content.

Writing accessible texts that people enjoy reading and producing attractive videos that delight audiences are his primary aims. His fascination for science began at a young age thanks to adventures in literature, film and on TV. As a child he travelled to the Moon with Perry Rhodan, found safe passage through an ion storm on board the USS Enterprise, and for as long as he can remember he has been dreaming of a light sabre duel with Darth Vader. And so it brings him enormous pleasure that today - by contributing to online communication for DLR missions - he can play a part in boldly going where no one has gone before.

Posts from Philipp Burtscheidt

Space | 09. August 2018

Immuno-2: Examining the immune system in microgravity to improve our quality of life on Earth

All of us experience stress in our daily lives. This can affect the human immune system, leading to illnesses both on Earth and in space. Many astronauts return from missions in poor health due to the harsh conditions endured over prolonged periods in space. read more

Space | 06. June 2017

DLR audio – The Sound of Science

Science is simulating, measuring, and evaluating data in order to gather knowledge. On an elementary level, however, science is a description of human experience: touching, observing, and listening. Helicopter rotors make a very particular sound; satellites send beacon signals from outer space; wind tunnels also produce a characteristic soundscape. read more