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Johann Dauer

Johann Dauer is fascinated by the possibilities that new technologies of civil unmanned aviation provide. Since 2008 he has been doing research unmanned aircraft (Unmanned Aircraft Systems, UAS) and their areas of application at the DLR Institute of Flight Systems in Braunschweig.

He is the project lead of the DLR project ALAADy (Automated Low Altitude Air Delivery), which is dedicated to unmanned air transportation in very low level altitude and explores new ways of safety assessment and verification for civil UAS. Johann Dauer leads a team of researchers working on new methods for guidance of unmanned aircraft. He has always been captivated by the transfer of sophisticated theory into practical experiments. To this end, he regularly receives opportunities during the flight tests he and his colleagues carry out for DLR.

Posts from Johann Dauer

Aeronautics | 25. November 2019

ALAADy symposium: Face-to-face with a new transport drone

Can low-cost drones capable of carrying as much weight as a pickup truck be built and operated cost-effectively? An interactive event format brought representatives from industry and humanitarian aid organisations and DLR researchers together to discuss this topic. read more

Aeronautics | 11. July 2018

Unmanned helicopter superARTIS delivered humanitarian goods

During the second week of the pilot operation in the Dominican Republic, the superARTIS team performed different humanitarian delivery missions together with Wings for Aid and the World Food Programme. read more

Aeronautics | 28. June 2018

Helicopter UAS superARTIS on a humanitarian mission in the Dominican Republic

Last weekend, a team from Wings for Aid and DLR travelled to the Dominican Republic (DR), to test Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for humanitarian aid. They planned to deliver disposable boxes carrying 20 kilograms of emergency goods and drop them safely at their destination using DLR’s helicopter UAS, superARTIS. read more