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Georg Dietz

Georg Dietz has been a Project Manager at DLR's Flight Experiments facility since January 2019. He is responsible for planning scientific flight missions - in particular for the HALO research aircraft.

During large international missions, he is also on site coordinating the cooperation between the scientists and the flight operations personnel. As a trained aerospace engineer, he is delighted to be able to work directly with DLR's research aircraft and at the same time gain an insight into the scientific measurement campaigns.

Posts from Georg Dietz

Aeronautics | 08. November 2019

From idea to take-off – preparing for a HALO measurement flight

No matter how many measurement flights we have already conducted, just before take-off the entire team assembles in front of the hangar and watches HALO's departure together. However, it takes days of planning and preparation to get to this point. read more