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Mattia Marconcini

Mattia Marconcini is Engineer and Project Manager in the Smart Cities and Spatial Development team at the DLR Earth Observation Center (EOC) since March 2012. The research group looks at the use of Earth observation techniques to support sustainable urban development.

Since 2016, Marconcini is involved in the generation of the World Settlement Footprint (WSF) suite, which includes a series of novel high resolution layers aimed at outlining and characterizing human settlements at the global scale with unprecedented accuracy and detail. In particular, this is carried out by analyzing multitemporal big satellite data (whose open and free availability has been constantly growing in the last few years) and concurrently employing advanced artificial intelligence techniques. The WSF is envisaged to become the reference collection of key layers for all those involved in the study of human presence at the global scale. 


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Space | 09. September 2020

World Settlement Footprint - Where do humans live?

After three years of meticulous data processing and comprehensive quality control, the World Settlement Footprint 2015 is now available. With a resolution of 10 metres, the new world map reveals settlement structures on Earth in 2015. read more