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Florian Wozny

After studying economics in Cologne, Florian Wozny completed his doctorate in Potsdam at the Chair of Empirical Economics Research. At the same time, he conducted research on environmental and health economics issues at the Research Institute for the Future of Work in Bonn. He was particularly interested in quantitative research. The aim was always to use previously untapped data resources to provide new perspectives on relevant social challenges.

After completing his doctorate, Florian Wozny moved to the German Aerospace Center, where he has been working at the DLR Institute of Air Transport and Airport Research since October 2020. Here, together with an interdisciplinary team, he researches and advises in particular on economic issues relating to air transport, but also on transport economics in general. The evaluation of regulatory interventions plays a key role in this. In addition to his technical expertise, he relies on very large amounts of data that provide detailed information on economic processes in the transport sector. The use of artificial intelligence is  increasingly important in his work in order to enhance the forecasting quality of his analyses.

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Aeronautics | 08. June 2021

Climate-neutral flight through carbon dioxide offsets – an interim solution

Since 2021, airlines have had to offset emissions on international flights that exceed the average values for 2019. This is done with the help of carbon dioxide compensation projects that invest in renewable energy sources or the preservation of forests, for example – that is, reduce or store greenhouse gas emissions. read more