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Thomas Voigtmann

Thomas Voigtmann works at the DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space and is project manager of the sounding rocket campaign MAPHEUS-D. He is a theoretical physicist by training, with research interests in the field of rheology, which encompasses the flow phenomena of complex fluids and active materials. He studied at the Technical University of Munich, where he completed his doctorate on glass-forming fluids, and then spent time at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' and the University of Konstanz. Since 2007, he has been working at DLR. There, he leads the Theory and Simulation Group of the Institute of Materials Physics in Space in Cologne in a joint appointment with the University of Düsseldorf since 2014.

Posts from Thomas Voigtmann

Space | 21. October 2022

Successful launch of MAPHEUS 12

"I give you a GO, a NO-GO, and I read you loud and clear." The countdown for the MAPHEUS 12 sounding rocket at Esrange in northern Sweden begins like this. All stations must check in and ensure that clear communication is possible. Then the process can begin. For MAPHEUS 12, this was planned to last five hours, during which the last modules are installed in the payload and the engines are ‘primed’, among other things. read more

Space | 20. October 2022

MAPHEUS 12 sounding rocket – much to do before the countdown in northern Sweden

We’re currently preparing the MAPHEUS 12 sounding rocket for its flight into microgravity. We have been at Esrange, a sounding rocket range operated by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) – approximately 45 minutes from Kiruna in northern Sweden – since last week. We are a team of 30 from the DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space, together with the DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine and DLR’s Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) and we’re working around the clock, eagerly awaiting the launch. read more