Other | 29. March 2012

And here we continue...

And we continue here at the ATV Tweetup at CNES in Toulouse, France. Let’s go to the next item in the programme...

One of today's highlights has been the talk given by Massimo Cislaghi, the Mission Manager for ATV-3. A great talk, with science and humour, of which I present some images.

The location of the ATV (as seen in the image) is ideal for reboost manoeuvres and re-orientation of the ISS for docking with other spacecraft, if needed. Though there will be no more ATVs after ATV-5,the cargo transporters to follow will be decided upon this November.


Edoardo Amaldi was at the launch of ATV 'Edoardo Amaldi'. Not the original, but rather his grandson, honouring his grandfather. What a wonderful way to celebrate the launch of the heaviest space transporter.


The launch of ATV-3 was a true success; lets hope todays docking is also one, and we have a reason to celebrate! Edoardo Amaldi isn't here, but we've got many special Tweeps that have come here from all over the world just to live the ATV-3 docking as it happens. And we also have some special guests: Mars500s Diego Urbina and Romain Charles. And later on today, Paolo Nespoli will be commentating on the ATV docking!