Other | 21. June 2010

That was smooth!

4:39 am Tons of us collected to view the stream and the control room from the bridge. A textbook launch, that was. Mission operations have also just confirmed separation. (Click on full article for further updates)

4:50 am
Chairman Woerner has just announced that first signal (AOS) was just received through the Troll ground station in the Antarctic!

Michael Schmidhuber has posted a quick one on the German-language pages. There are great pictures of him standing on a chair, watching the launch with binoculars in one hand (the MCC in Baikonur is 7.8 km from the silo) and a telephone receiver in the other. Check them out. He has also posted a couple of pictures of the cloud formations after separation of the first stage. A bit of party time today and the DLR team flies back on Tuesday.

We will come back with more information when we can. In the meantime, check in at @DLR_en on Twitter.