Big Da­ta Plat­form

Video: Big-Da­ta-Plat­tform – Shap­ing the Dig­i­tal Fu­ture
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Video: Big-Data-Plattform – Shaping the Digital Future

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In the cross-sec­toral Big Da­ta Plat­form project, re­searchers from the Ger­man Aerospace Cen­ter (Deutsches Zen­trum für Luft- und Raum­fahrt; DLR) are de­vis­ing new meth­ods for the fu­ture-ori­ent­ed field of Big Da­ta Sci­ence. The in­ter­dis­ci­plinary re­search project in­volves 21 DLR in­sti­tutes from the re­search fields of space­flight, aero­nau­tics, trans­port, en­er­gy, dig­i­tal­iza­tion and se­cu­ri­ty.
An­i­ma­tion: De­vel­op­ing meth­ods for the anal­y­sis of large datasets
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Animation: De­vel­op­ing meth­ods for the anal­y­sis of large datasets

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Ex­am­ples of ap­pli­ca­tions in the field of Big Da­ta Sci­ence are re­mote sens­ing, sim­u­la­tions in aero­nau­tics, ur­ban plan­ning and cri­sis man­age­ment. These meth­ods are al­so used in the field of cli­mate in­for­mat­ics to gain a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing of cli­mate mech­a­nisms.

The goal of the cross-sectoral Big Data Platform project, is the development of a methodical data science platform. This platform is intended to establish common standards in data acquisition, data management and data analysis at the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt; DLR). It is hoped that answers to general questions in the field of Big Data Science can be found with the help of these emerging standards.

How uniform access to data be made possible?

In the work package 'Basic Platform Techniques' the team is working on the development of a methodological platform for the analysis of large data sets – both within DLR and beyond in the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres.

How can high quality of data be ensured?

Even the best analysis techniques will fail if the quality of the examined data is inadequate. Reasons for low data quality can be measurement errors, incomplete data or irrelevant data. The work package 'Data Management Techniques' focuses on high data quality.

How can knowledge be obtained from data?

The work package 'Intelligent Analysis Methods' uses methods from the fields of machine learning and data analysis to derive knowledge from data.

What benefits for society can be achieved?

The work package 'Pilot Demonstrations' focuses on the direct application of the research. For example, in the event of a crisis, it should be possible to support rescue services with automatically evaluated Earth observation data so that they can provide rapid and targeted assistance.

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