DLR_Sum­mer_School on Space Propul­sion

Guidance for a rocket test
Guid­ance for a rock­et test
Image 1/2, Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)

Guidance for a rocket test

Be­fore the stu­dents at the DLR_Sum­mer_School con­duct their own tests on a rock­et en­gine, they are giv­en guid­ance by ex­pe­ri­enced re­searchers.
Last preparations for the rocket test
Last prepa­ra­tions for the rock­et test
Image 2/2, Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)

Last preparations for the rocket test

At the DLR_Sum­mer_School, the stu­dents are ex­pect­ed to get ac­tive­ly in­volved. This im­age shows stu­dents mak­ing fi­nal prepa­ra­tions be­fore a rock­et test.

Since 2011, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) site at Lampoldshausen has held an annual DLR_Summer_School on the topic of 'Space Propulsion'. The 10-day seminar serves to encourage the next generation of researchers in the field of space systems engineering.

Connection between theory and practice

The goal of the DLR_Summer_School is to connect the theoretical knowledge acquired at the university with practical experience. During lectures and seminars, experts from DLR, Airbus Defence and Space, the European Space Agency (ESA), and other institutions report on current projects, methods and developments in the field of propulsion technology for space applications. The focus is on the field of chemically-fuelled space propulsion, fuels, atomisation and combustion, the next generation of upper-stage engines and state-of-the-art test bench technology. The syllabus of the DLR_Summer_School extends far beyond the subjects usually taught at universities. There are experimental workshops, background discussions and visits on the schedule; these are supplemented by reports on the development of the Ariane programme, space applications, and future research work for the European space sector, as well as an extensive supporting programme. Further information can be found in the flyer available in the download area.

Target audience for the DLR_Summer_School

The DLR_Summer_School on Space Propulsion in Lampoldshausen is intended for students of aerospace engineering. They must have successfully completed their foundation course or Bachelor’s degree and already have a sound basic knowledge of the field of space technology. The summer school welcomes participants who would like to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by means of experiments. In addition, applicants should have a high level of motivation and a keen interest in propulsion technology, and already be planning to specialise in this subject during their future studies.

DLR will cover the costs of travel and accommodation for the entire duration of the DLR_Summer_School.

How do I apply?

Each year the DLR invites students to apply for the DLR_Summer_School on Space Propulsion. Applications should include a letter of motivation, interim reports and references, as well as a letter of support from your institution or supervising professor. Please submit your application to the following address:

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Tobias Neff
Langer Grund
74239 Hardthausen

  • Tobias Neff
    Ger­man Aerospace Cen­ter (DLR)
    DLR_School_Lab Lam­pold­shausen/Stuttgart
    Telephone: +49 6298 28-206
    Fax: +49 6298 28-119
    Langer Grund
    74239 Hardthausen Stuttgart

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