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The Department of Strategic Services supports the strategic goals of DLR by bridging the aims of the Executive Board with the functions of the organisational units. It sees through the execution of strategic projects and uses targeted performance criteria to evaluate outcomes. The Department also oversees the activities of the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (HGF), including managing its scientific projects and external communications, while also producing all internal communication.

The Department contributes to promoting scientific excellence at DLR through the development of existing and potential connections with relevant national scientific institutions. Internal and external analyses, as well as cultural development and diversity initiatives and sustainability management programmes, are used to determine parameters of relevance to the organisation and to verify them based on a benchmarking procedure. In this way, clear synergies and areas of improvement can be identified. The Department acts as an important interface to the Institutes, the programmes and technical offices within the research areas, as well as to the DLR Space Administration and the DLR Project Management Agencies.

Central tasks and contacts

Head of Department
Uwe Knodt
Tel.: +49 2203 601-2857
Lisa-Leonie Pooch
Tel.: +49 2203 601-2012

HGF Office

The HGF Office at DLR is the central interface and service provider between DLR and the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres (HGF), coordinating all management activities in the DLR programmes and technical offices that relate to HGF.

Dr Roswitha Grümann
Tel.: +49 2203 601-3127

Strategic Analyses

The Strategic Analyses Group prepares proposals for DLR and the Executive Board, supporting them through the provision of a meaningful, needs-based and valid mobile management information system.

Dr Michaela Schaschke (interim)
Tel.: +49 2203 601-2871

Scientific Excellence

The Scientific Excellence Group ensures that the environment at DLR is ideal for conducting top-level research. Implementing knowledge management systems to create an environment in which knowledge can flourish and be shared, the Group also uses science management to enable scientists to grow on a personal level (codetermination in HR recruitment and development programmes, assistance in the full utilisation of research funding programmes, prizes and awards).

Uwe Knodt (interim)
Tel.: +49 2203 601-2857

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