In­for­ma­tion about the Cos­mic Kiss mis­sion

Official portrait of the SpaceX Crew-3
Of­fi­cial por­trait of the SpaceX Crew-3
Image 1/2, Credit: NASA

Official portrait of the SpaceX Crew-3

The of­fi­cial crew por­trait of the SpaceX Crew-3 mis­sion. From left: Com­man­der Ra­ja Chari and Pi­lot Thomas Mash­burn, both NASA as­tro­nauts, Mis­sion Spe­cial­ist Matthias Mau­r­er from ESA (Eu­ro­pean Space Agen­cy) and Mis­sion Spe­cial­ist Kay­la Bar­ron from NASA.
‘Cosmic Kiss’ – a declaration of love for space
‘Cos­mic Kiss’ – a dec­la­ra­tion of love for space
Image 2/2, Credit: ESA

‘Cosmic Kiss’ – a declaration of love for space

Matthias Mau­r­er was in­spired by the Ne­bra Sky Disc, the old­est re­al­is­tic de­pic­tion of our night sky, and the ‘Pi­o­neer Plaques’ and ‘Voy­ager Gold­en Records’ for the de­sign of his ‘Cos­mic Kiss’ mis­sion patch. The lat­ter were da­ta stor­age de­vices bear­ing knowl­edge about hu­mankind that were sent out in­to the Uni­verse on the US Pi­o­neer and Voy­ager space­craft. The mis­sion patch fea­tures spe­cif­ic cos­mic el­e­ments such as Earth, the Moon and the Pleiades star clus­ter, along­side Mars as a des­ti­na­tion for ex­plo­ration in the com­ing decade. The In­ter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion (ISS) is shown in the shape of a heart, rep­re­sent­ing the hu­man heart­beat be­tween Earth and the Moon.
MissionCosmic Kiss (ISS Expedition 66/67)
Launch to the ISS11 November 2021(CET)
Launch vehicleFalcon 9 (SpaceX)
SpacecraftCrew Dragon (SpaceX)
Launch siteKennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

Matthias Maurer

  • Born: 18 March 1970, Sankt Wendel, Germany
  • Profession: materials scientist and astronaut
  • Astronaut selection in 2009
  • Member of the ESA astronaut corps since July 2015
  • Astronaut training from 2017
  • Completed astronaut training in September 2018
  • Preparation for the Cosmic Kiss mission since April 2020
  • Matthias Maurer’s first flight into space
  • Twelfth German in space, fourth German on the ISS (after Thomas Reiter (2006), Hans Schlegel (2008; Schlegel helped install the Columbus Laboratory) and Alexander Gerst (2014, 2018)
Mission durationSix months
  • Raja Chari (Spacecraft Commander, NASA/USA, first space flight)
  • Thomas Marshburn (Pilot, third space flight [previously: STS-127, Soyuz TMA-07M – Expedition 34/35])
  • Matthias Maurer (Mission Specialist 1, ESA/Germany, first space flight)
  • Kayla Barron (Mission Specialist 2, NASA/USA, first space flight)
Backup crew
  • Kjell N. Lindgren (Spacecraft Commander, NASA/USA)
  • Robert Hines (Pilot, NASA/USA)
  • Samantha Cristoforetti (Mission Specialist 1, ESA/Italy)
  • Stephanie Wilson (Mission Specialist 2, NASA/USA)
Docking with the ISS

Approximately 11 to 12 hours after launch

Hatch openingTBD
Return to EarthApril 2022

Cosmic Kiss mission experiments

NameTopicParties involved
DLR experiments in the fields of life sciences, natural sciences and technology demonstrations
Concrete Hardening
(previously MASON)
Crystallisation of various concrete mixes on the ISSDLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space, BioTESC, University of Bochum, German Space Agency at DLR
Thermo MiniBody temperature regulation, sensor miniaturisationGerman Space Agency at DLR, Charité Berlin, KORA GmbH
Metabolic SpaceNon-invasive diagnostics, breath gas analysis, wearablesUniversity of Dresden and the German Space Agency at DLR, CADMOS
AI Retinal DiagnosticsNon-invasive diagnosticsDLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine, CADMOS
Cimon 2.1 (already on board the ISS)AI assistance systems, human–machine interaction, technologyGerman Space Agency at DLR, ADS, IBM, BioTESC
EasyMotionMuscle simulation with a special suit, sensor systems, technologyGerman Space Agency at DLR, Charité Berlin, ESA-EAC, OHB, EasyMotionSkin
WICOnet - Wireless Communication NetworkTechnology demonstration, communications, wearablesDLR Institute of Space Systems
Dosis 3D MiniDosimetryDLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine
Skin Band AidBio 3D printerGerman Space Agency at DLR, OHB
On Board Training in Virtual RealityTraining in virtual realityDLR Space Operations and Astronaut Training and ESA-EAC CADMOS
CAL (already on board the ISS)Cold atomsGerman Space Agency at DLR, universities of Hanover and Ulm, NASA
ICARUS (already on board the ISS)Animal migration, technologyGerman Space Agency at DLR, MPIO, STI, Roscosmos
Cellbox-3Cell biology/biomedicine – Immune system, neurobiologyGerman Space Agency at DLR, Uni Frankfurt, Charité Berlin, Yuri GmbH
FLARE (already on board the ISS)Experiments into fire safety during space missionsGerman Space Agency at DLR, ZARM, JAXA, NASA, ESA, CNES
DLR education and outreach initiatives
CIMON-EDUQuiz, guided tour and ambassadors for Stiftung KinderHerz (Children's Heart Foundation)German Space Agency at DLR, ADS, IBM, Stiftung KinderHerz
CalliopEOEarth observation, programming competition (including after the mission)German Space Agency at DLR, Uni Bochum Calliope gGmbH
Granular DampingGranular mediaDLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space
Touching Surfaces*
(* will eventually be moved to science)
Biocontamination of surfacesDLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine
Dzhanibekov ExperimentPhysics/kinematicsTessloff, German Space Agency at DLR, DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space
Earth Guardian 3Competition, videosGerman Space Agency at DLR
Hand in Hand around the WorldColouring competition for primary schools with Life CallDLR education and outreach
EPO Maurer generic videosVideos for CalliopEO, Überflieger-2, EG-3, Touching Surfaces, etc.German Space Agency at DLR
ARISS callsSchool children speak by radio with Matthias Maurer on the ISSGerman Space Agency at DLR
Projects under the ESA Science in the Space Environment (SciSpacE) research programme
BiofilmsMicrobiologyUniversity of Saarbrücken, DLR Institute of Aerospace Medicine
Immunity assayHuman PhysiologyLMU Munich
CerISSHuman PhysiologyUniversity of Bochum, Charité Berlin
SMASHHuman PhysiologyLMU Munich
DOSIS-3DDosimetry, radiation biologyUniversity of Kiel
Exercise KineticsHuman PhysiologyDSHS Cologne
Immuno-2Human PhysiologyLMU Munich
MyotonesHuman PhysiologyCharité Berlin, German Space Agency at DLR
EMLMaterials ScienceUniversities of Jena, Ulm, Göttingen and Dresden
MSLMaterials ScienceACCESS, Aachen
PK-4Complex PlasmasDLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space, University of Gießen
DLR projects outside the Cosmic Kiss timeframe
LaplacePlanetary formation, planetary dusts, simulationGerman Space Agency at DLR via SAS
Überflieger (EPO)Student competitionGerman Space Agency at DLR, LSA
GRaSChaSound propagation in granular mediaDLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space, German Space Agency at DLR
Seeds II and MYSTWildflower and vegetable cultivation in analogue Martian soilGerman Space Agency at DLR, BioTESC, Rieger-Hofmann GmbH
Industry projects and projects by other parties conducted on the ISS that relate to Cosmic Kiss
ACLSLife support systemAirbus FDH
ESM (European Service Module)ISS barter elements, Moon and explorationAirbus Bremen, LM, NASA
BartolomeoISS external platformAirbus Bremen
ANITA (in the US-EXPRESS Rack)Breathing air monitoring/technologyESA, OHB
ERAEuropean Robotic ArmESA

  • Elke Heinemann
    Ger­man Aerospace Cen­ter (DLR)
    Ger­man Space Agen­cy at DLR
    Strat­e­gy and Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
    Telephone: +49 2203 601-2867
    Königswinterer Straße 522-524
    53227 Bonn
  • Volker Schmid
    ISS Spe­cial­ist Group Lead­er, Head of the Cos­mic Kiss Mis­sion
    Ger­man Aerospace Cen­ter (DLR)
    Ger­man Space Agen­cy at DLR
    Sci­ence and Ex­plo­ration
    Königswinterer Straße 522-524
    53227 Bonn

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