Modules of the ISS
Mod­ules of the ISS
Credit: NASA

Modules of the ISS

Rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the in­di­vid­u­al mod­ules of the In­ter­na­tion­al Space Sta­tion ISS.

System on completion
Span109 metres
Length80 metres
Depth (with ATV/Progress)88 metres
Height45 metres
Mass450 tons
Power generation110 kilowatts
Payload46 kilowatts
Living and working space1200 cubic metres
Microgravity condition10-6g
Operational orbit
Altitudeapproximately 360 kilometres
Inclination51.6 degrees
Orbital period

90 minutes

Flight operation
Orbit correctionsapproximately 5 per year
Astronaut stays (up to)approximately 1 year
From 20003
Post-Columbia (2003)2
From July 20063
From 20096
Human physiology, biologyapproximately 45 percent
Materials research, fluid physics, physical chemistryapproximately 35 percent
Technology, telecommunicationapproximately 5 percent
Extraterrestrial researchapproximately 5 percent
Earth explorationapproximately 5 percent
Industryapproximately 5 percent
Ground operations
Primary mission controlHouston
Alternatively and for the Russian segmentMoscow
Japan/Europenational Mission Control Centres
(Columbus from Oberpfaffenhofen)
Supply flightsapproximately 4 per year

Modules of the ISS


DescriptionFlightLaunchedLangth (m)

Ø (m)

Mass (kg)
Multipurpose Laboratory Module (MLM) and European Robotic Arm (ERA)Russian cargo and laboratory module and European robotic arm3R – PROTON-M21 July 202113,004.1020,300
Node 3 and CupolaUS connecting node and view module (both made in Europe)20A08 February 20101,502.951,880
Exposed Facility (EF)Part of the Japanese Kibo JEM2J/A16 July 200965.1040,00
S6 TrussSolar module15A – STS-11916 March 200973,2010.7015,900
Pressurized Module (PM)Part of the Japanese Kibo JEM1J – STS-12431 May 200811,204.4015,900
Experiment Logistics Module (ELM) and Canada HandUnter Druck stehender Teil des japanischen Japanese Experiment Module (JEM) Kibo und zweiarmiger, kanadischer Roboter1J/A – STS-12311 March 20083,904.404,200
ColumbusEuropäisches Labormodul1E – STS-12207 February.20086,874.4919,300
Node 2Connecting node (made in Europe)10A – STS-12023 October 20076.104.2013,608
S5 - Integrated Truss Starboard 5Integrated truss13A.1 – STS-11811 June 200713.703.9012,598
S3/4 - Integrated Truss Starboard 3/4Integrated truss + solar module13A – STS-11722 February.200773.2010.7015,900
P5 - Integrated Truss Portside 5Integrated truss12A.1 – STS-11614 December 200613.703.9012,598
P3/4 - Integrated Truss Portside 3/4Integrated truss + solar module12A – STS-11528 August 200673.2010.7015,900
P1 - Integrated Truss Portside 1Integrated truss11A – STS-11323 November 200213.703.9012,598
S1 - Integrated Truss Starboard 1Integrated truss9A – STS-11207 October 200213.703.9012,598
S0 - Integrated Truss Starboard 0Integrated truss8A – STS-11008 April 200213.404.6013,970
Pirs - Docking Compartment 1Docking module and airlock4R – Sojus-U14.August 20014.102.603,900
Quest - Joint AirlockAirlock7A – STS-10412 July 20015.504.006,064
Canadarm2Canadian robot arm6A – STS-10019 April 200117.600.354,899
DestinyUS laboratory module5A – STS-9817 February 20018.534.2714,515
P6 - Integrated Truss Portside 6Integrated truss and solar module4A – STS-9730 November 200073.2010.7015,900
Z1 - Integrated Truss Zenit 1Integrated truss3A – STS-9211 October 20004.904.208,755
ZvezdaLiving module1R – PROTON-K12 July 200013.104.1519,050
Unity - Node 1Connecting node2A – STS-8804 December 19985.494.5711,612
Zarja - Functional Cargo Block (FGB)Russian cargo and control module1A/R – PROTON-K20 November 199812.604.1019,323


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