SAGIT­TA roll­out at the DLR site in Braun­schweig
Image 1/5, Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0).

SAGITTA rollout at the DLR site in Braunschweig

Fol­low­ing the suc­cess­ful in­te­gra­tion work, SAGIT­TA is rolled out at the DLR site in Braun­schweig.
SAGITTA takes off on its first flight
SAGIT­TA takes off on its first flight
Image 2/5, Credit: Airbus.

SAGITTA takes off on its first flight

The un­crewed tech­nol­o­gy demon­stra­tor with the project name SAGIT­TA takes off on its first flight at the test site in Over­berg, South Africa.
Ini­tial ex­per­i­ments
Image 3/5, Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0).

Initial experiments

TIRA­MI-SAR in front of the Tech­lab build­ing at the DLR Mi­crowaves and Radar In­sti­tute in Oberp­faf­fen­hofen. The radar is mount­ed on a small truck, which can then drive along­side the area to be ex­am­ined. A sand pit mea­sur­ing 12 by eight me­tres was used for ini­tial ex­per­i­ments to op­ti­mise and val­i­date the sys­tem.
TIRA­MI-SAR – radar sys­tem for land­mine de­tec­tion
Image 4/5, Credit: TIRAMISU.

TIRAMI-SAR – radar system for landmine detection

The de­vice tow­er, with radar elec­tron­ics, an­ten­na arm, and an­ten­na ar­ray can be mount­ed in the load area of a small truck. The an­ten­na ar­ray con­sists of two trans­mit­ting and four re­ceiv­ing an­ten­nas, di­rect­ed side­ways and oblique­ly down­wards. The ar­row-head-shaped an­ten­nas can scan a con­tam­i­nat­ed area while the ve­hi­cle con­tin­ues to drive on safe ter­rain. The im­age shows TIRA­MI-SAR in scan­ning mode on very damp ground at the test site be­long­ing to the Bel­gian ex­plo­sive de­vice dis­pos­al team, DO­VO/SEDEE.
In­te­gra­tion work at the DLR site in Braun­schweig
Image 5/5, Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0).

Integration work at the DLR site in Braunschweig

Three DLR in­sti­tutes were in­volved in SAGIT­TA, con­tribut­ing the lightweight struc­ture, a new land­ing gear sys­tem and the vir­tu­al flight test fa­cil­i­ties, among oth­er things.

Defence technology research is an integral part of DLR's programme. In the interest of mutual research and technology transfer, defence technology topics are integrated into DLR's multidisciplinary civil research activities. The aim is to make the best possible use of synergies and to supplement the portfolio with specific defence technology aspects through research and development projects.

DLR's defence technology research programme thus contributes to meeting the needs and closing the capability gaps of the Bundeswehr through application-oriented research. In addition, DLR provides the Federal Ministry of Defence and its subordinate departments with independent analysis and assessment expertise based on its expertise.

supported by the Federal Ministry of Defense
supported by the Federal Ministry of Defense
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