Land­ing craft MAS­COT

Land­ing craft MAS­COT
Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0).

Landing craft MASCOT

The Japanese space agen­cy JAXA will send in 2014 the Ger­man land­ing craft Mo­bile As­ter­oid Sur­face Scout (MAS­COT) to as­ter­oid 1999 JU 3 on board the Japanese or­biter Hayabusa 2. A sta­ble, yet ex­treme­ly light cov­er will pro­tect the shoe box-sized lan­der as it falls to the as­ter­oid's sur­face. The four in­stru­ments de­signed to con­duct in situ mea­sure­ments on the as­ter­oid are lo­cat­ed in­side the DLR land­ing craft: the French in­frared spec­trom­e­ter that will anal­yse the sur­face com­po­si­tion and a mag­ne­tome­ter from TU Braun­schweig to in­ves­ti­gate the mag­net­ic field.

The Japanese space agency JAXA will send in 2014 the German landing craft Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) to asteroid 1999 JU 3 on board the Japanese orbiter Hayabusa 2. A stable, yet extremely light cover will protect the shoe box-sized lander as it falls to the asteroid's surface. The four instruments designed to conduct in situ measurements on the asteroid are located inside the DLR landing craft: the French infrared spectrometer that will analyse the surface composition and a magnetometer from TU Braunschweig to investigate the magnetic field.

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