CI­MON at EAC in Cologne

CI­MON at EAC in Cologne
Credit: DLR/T. Bourry/ESA.

CIMON at EAC in Cologne

CI­MON can be seen on the left in the im­age dur­ing a WLAN com­mu­ni­ca­tions test at the ESA Eu­ro­pean As­tro­naut Cen­tre (EAC) in Cologne-Porz on 30 Jan­uary 2018. Peo­ple in the back­ground, from left to right: Chris­tian Kar­rasch, CI­MON Project Man­ag­er at the DLR Space Ad­min­is­tra­tion; Till Eisen­berg, CI­MON project lead at Air­bus Friedrichshafen; and Christoph Kössl, Air­bus soft­ware sys­tems en­gi­neer for CI­MON.

CIMON can be seen on the left in the image during a WLAN communications test at the ESA European Astronaut Centre (EAC) in Cologne-Porz on 30 January 2018. People in the background, from left to right: Christian Karrasch, CIMON Project Manager at the DLR Space Administration; Till Eisenberg, CIMON project lead at Airbus Friedrichshafen; and Christoph Kössl, Airbus software systems engineer for CIMON.

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