In­side the DLR test rig

In­side the DLR test rig
Credit: DLR (CC-BY 3.0)

Inside the DLR test rig

The en­gine Vul­cain 2.1 that was test­ed on 22 Jan­uary 2018 for the first time by DLR en­gi­neers in Lam­pold­shausen ig­nit­ed for 11 min­utes. The high-pre­ci­sion mea­sure­ment and anal­y­sis sys­tem makes it pos­si­ble to de­liv­er ac­cu­rate re­sults, al­low­ing en­gine de­vel­op­er Ar­i­ane­Group to draw de­tailed con­clu­sions about tech­ni­cal is­sues.

The engine Vulcain 2.1 that was tested on 22 January 2018 for the first time by DLR engineers in Lampoldshausen ignited for 11 minutes. The high-precision measurement and analysis system makes it possible to deliver accurate results, allowing engine developer ArianeGroup to draw detailed conclusions about technical issues.

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