Inauguration of the new VRU simulator at the Institute of Transportation Systems (November 4, 2021)

In order to investigate the traffic system in all its complexity, it is elementary to take all participants into account, including pedestrians and cyclists, the so-called Vulnerable Road Users (VRU). Therefore, we at the DLR-Institute of Transportation Systems have developed and built a pedestrian and a bike simulator that allows us to integrate the VRUs into interactive human-in-the-loop simulations in order to be able to answer up-to-date research questions. This complements our existing


laboratory, which is now able to connect pedestrians, bicyclists and up to three car drivers into one simulation in order to investigate and evaluate individual behavior, communication in between road users and design aspects of cooperative Advance Driver Assistance Systems.

Here you can see the recording of the event.

Eventrecording Part 1:

Eventrecording Part 2: