Solare Hochtemperatursysteme

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Outlline of a German-Japanese Collaborative Research Project on Wind Powered Thermal Energy Systems (WTES)

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Wind Powered Thermal Energy System (WTES) refer to the direct transformation of wind energy into thermal energy without intermediate electric generators. This technology has the potential to transform wind energy from an intermittent into a dispatchable source of renewable energy that is available upon demand similar to Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). WTES is an emerging technology whose technical feasibility and economic are poorly known. The long-term purpose of the proposed collaborative project is to jointly construct a demonstration facility in which the technical feasibility of WTES can be comprehensively investigated.
Verwandte Themen: Thermische Energiespeicher Energieproduktion und Konversion Thermochemische Prozesse Solare Hochtemperatursysteme Raumfahrzeugantriebe und Energieversorgung Systemanalyse Hybridkraftwerke
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