Rules for posting comments

Most articles of DLR's web portal provide a comment function which serves the purpose of transparent communication and discussion between DLR and the users of its web portal - in an open and friendly climate. Please support this goal - keep the discussion fair and relevant.

In the interest of all DLR Web Portal users, we ask you to take the following into consideration:

The editorial staff reserves the right to delete comments or blog links without consulting the author if their content is in any way

  • offensive
  • insulting
  • harmful to minors
  • politically or religiously extremist
  • pornographic
  • illegal
  • otherwise unacceptable.

Comments of this nature may not be published on the DLR web portal. Furthermore, Rights of third parties may not be violated.

Content of a commercial and/or promotional nature is also forbidden. Use of the comment function of DLR's web portal for commercial purposes is not permitted. Repetitions of the same content, mischievous or nonsensical entries are also not acceptable. Please keep in mind that all comments must relate to the original article.

To ensure compliance with the above rules, all comments will be reviewed by our editorial staff prior to publication.

Expressions of opinion published on the DLR web portal may not be used elsewhere without permission.

DLR takes your privacy seriously. DLR is committed to protecting the privacy of everyone who uses DLR’s websites and will treat any personal data as confidential. DLR will not disclose such data to third parties.

Please take note of the copyright rules on the Imprint.

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