DLRmagazine 156 - journey through inner space

30 November 2017

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  • DLRmagazin 156 %2d Offenbarung der inneren Werte
    DLRmagazine 156 - journey through inner space

    Three-dimensional digital image of pores in a nickel-based super-alloy for highlystressed components in aircraft turbine engines (Colour is computer-generated), DLR Institute of Materials Research.

Focus: Digitalisation, DLR Strategy 2030, materials research, space debris, 50 years Weilheim

The inner values revealed in this year's last DLRmagazine say something about the resilience of components. But as is the case with inner values, they are not readily disclosed. The information is cleverly obtained from the material, by means of three-dimensional digital images of the pores in material alloys, for example. Digitalisation in materials research is the theme of the feature story. The cover of the DLRmagazine 156 demonstrates that, in the journey through inner space, impressive images can also be created.

Digitalisation is also one of the guiding principles of the DLR Strategy 2030, which is presented in the December magazine, along with the seven new DLR institutes. So is the history of the DLR antenna station in Weilheim, which began deliberately 'in the dark' 50 years ago. Witnesses from that time report on an era in which no one had yet heard of Big Bata. Meanwhile, we look head, with prospective aerospace engineers, who have designed an aircraft for the future – with a single 'piggypacked' engine. The winners of the NASA and DLR Design Challenge also considered inner values in their design, details of which are published in the latest edition of the DLR Magazine.

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