Issue 134/135: The ash that shut down Europe

DLR Magazine - now also for iPad and Android

10 September 2012

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    As of now, the DLR Magazine is also available free of charge for your tablet, be it iPad or Android. Take a look at this short video, see how it works, get curious, download.

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The countdown has begun! In this issue of the DLR Magazine we took a look at volcanic ash under a microscope, shared the excitement of scientists as SHEFEX II prepared for launch, caught a glimpse of Alexander Gerst's training for his upcoming mission in 2014 and went all the way to Poland to visit the kings of aircraft at their final destination.

We have travelled to many places to give you an inside view to months and years of spectacular research and preparations of future missions as well. Follow us on a journey through the history of science and future space missions as we travel to the Andøya Rocket Range, Star City and the Lotnictwa Museum – from the predecessors of current aircraft to their descendants.

What truly makes this issue special is the wealth of material related to this year's ILA Berlin Airshow and InnoTrans 2012. If you are unable to make it there, this edition of the DLR Magazine will bring you pretty close; and this time, not only in words and pictures, but also with audio and video files as we launch our multimedia version of the DLR Magazine for your tablet PC, be it Android based or iPad.

You can also read the DLR Magazine online in flipbook version here - or download the App via GooglePlay for Android based tablet or iTunes for iPad.

Additional information on the DLR Magazine App can be found at the DLR Communications blog.

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