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01 October 2013

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A snapshot of research in microgravity during a parabolic flight? A spectacular view of two generations of DLR gliders on a comparison measurement flight? Or perhaps the impressive images of the launch of the MAPHEUS-4 sounding rocket? What image decorates the front page of DLR Magazine 138•139?

In the end, German Aerospace Day, held on 22 September 2013, took the spotlight. The event image decorates the cover of the September magazine – and rightly so, because this issue offers young aviation and aerospace enthusiasts unusual reports. 'Palpable heartbeats and floating cell cultures' are investigated on a parabolic flight. 'Why the apple falls and the Grätzel cell provides electricity' details what girls and boys explore at the DLR_School_Labs. A very special 'family' portrait introduces the report from the MAPHEUS-4 launch in northern Sweden – 'A family-run rocket business'.

The new DLR Magazine, with additional images, short interviews and videos is once again available for the iPad and Android devices, free of charge.

The online version of the DLR Magazine is available here.

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