Annual General Meeting with the DLR_Science_Slam

04 December 2013

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It was time for the Science Slam again at the Annual General Meeting of DLR German Aerospace Center. Once again, the winners of the preliminary rounds competed against each other. This year, team 'remote sensing' took the 'Slammer Crown' home to their Institute. Watch the replay here.

This year, the DLR Annual General Meeting took place in Göttingen. Göttingen is considered the cradle of modern aerodynamics. The world's first aviation research facility was established in this university city in early 1907. Today, DLR Göttingen is home to more than 20 wind tunnels and large research facilities for experimental investigations, where more than 430 experts work on the aircraft, spacecraft and high-speed trains of the future.

It was also the ideal place to host the final of the DLR_Science_Slam at the Annual General Meeting 2013. This year's finalist teams were:

  • Team 'solar': Christoph Prahl and Christoph Hilgert ( DLR Institute of Solar Research)
  • Team 'remote sensing': Maria Tello Alonso and Michele Martone ( DLR Microwaves and Radar Institute) and Daniele Cerra, Claas Hendrik Grohnfeldt, Aliaksei Makarau, Kevin Alonso Gonzalez ( DLR Remote Sensing Technology Institute)

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