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Video: Omegahab test in Moscow
18. April 2013

The scientific payload on BION-M1 includes two experiments funded by the German Aerospace Center (DLR); biologists and zoologists from the Universities of Erlangen and Hohenheim have developed a two-chamber aquarium for 'Omegahab'. This is a mini-ecosystem designed to function as a bioregenerative life support system in microgravity, with its own nutrient and gas exchange. Furthermore, the German scientists are working in close collaboration with Russian researchers, and with the support of DLR; at the IBMP (Institute of Biomedical Problems) in Moscow, the two Omegahab flight models – one that is on board BION-M1 in space, the other on the ground as a reference – have been tested, filled and flown to Baikonur by the Russian Academy of Sciences.